Al Khaja Medical Centre

Brand Awarenesss, Lead Generation & Social Media Handling


Al Khaja Medical Centre is a premier dental centre in Abu Dhabi. They offer both consultations and in-house care for dental treatment, creating a very targeted demographic for the office’s patients. To maximize exposure to this unique customer base, we enlisted the help of Healthcare Success midway through 2019. Our campaigns use digital advertising to achieve the following:

  • Connect with potential patients in specific geographic targets
  • Take advantage of the growing mobile web user base
  • Maximize exposure with specifics like insurance, age, income, etc

We’re proud to say that our efforts, along with the great doctors at Alkhaja Medical Care, have efficiently connected tooth sufferers with the specialized care they so desperately needed. The campaigns we created showed that after an initial ramp-up period, our strategy strongly drove new conversions via phone calls and form submissions. The campaign was so successful, in fact, that the scope of the keyword targets grew even though the budget for migraines stayed the same.

  • Cost-per-lead dropped 58%
  • 295 inbound calls in the first month as a result of geographic targeting
  • 72% previously untapped mobile market increased significantly, taking 72% of paid traffic